Fundamentals of Nuclear Science

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Fundamentals of Nuclear Science

Summary of the Book

This book is based on the compilation of lecture notes on nuclear techniques in agriculture and biology, prepared and updated for students of PG School, IARI, New Delhi during the past 16 years. The book contains three parts, namely, Fundamentals of Nuclear Science (covering the basic features), Applications (comprising essential application with focus on agriculture) and Appendices (consisting of bibliography, nuclear terms, radioactive decay charts, select constants and abbreviations used).

Salient Features

  • Language is lucid and informal.
  • Unique in terms of its contents and 88 illustrations and 11 photographs that simplify and encourage the readers in understanding the approach and theory.
  • Recent developments in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance have been discussed.
  • Provides a comprehensive view of the potentialities of nuclear science and its application.
  • Contains clarity and high level of precision in presenting the subject matter.
  • A detailed bibliography for further reading.
  • Detail contents at the begining facilitate quick revision.
  • Can be used either as a textbook or for supplementary reading in colleges, universities and research institutions dealing with applications of nuclear techniques.
  • Would be of immense help to the academic community at large.

In short, the flawless presentation on various aspects of nuclear applications is expected to enrich biologists and agricultural scientists to easily understand not only the basic concepts but also essentials on the application of the nuclear energy in a variety of ways for research and in agriculture.

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