Language and Truth in Buddhism

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Language and Truth in Buddhism

Summary of the Book

The book entitled: ‘Language and Truth in Buddhism’ highlights the role and status of Language in Buddhist Philosophy, ethical dimension of Buddhism, various logical, epistemological and ontological problems as embedded in Buddhism, Post-modernism and Buddhism, inter-cultural aspects of Buddhism and  also Buddhist Art. The volume, we believe, will open a vista to the future researchers in Buddhism, as it covers a wide range of Buddhist thought and literature enriched by the eminent scholars in this field.


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Preface, p. vii             

Editorial Note, p.Ix

List of Contibutors, p.xv

  1. N"ag"arjuna’s Treatment of Prat$ûtyasamutap"ada - Prabhakar Mishra, p. 1
  2. World Peace and Buddhism - S.K. Pathak, p. 7
  3. Buddhist Ontology of Person and the Problem of Removal of  Pain (Apropos ®S"antideva’s Bodhicary"avat"ara 8: 101-3) - Pabitrakumar Roy , p. 16
  4. Importance of Buddhist Meditation for World Peace - Sukomal Chaudhuri, p. 41     
  5. Bahamavih"ara and the Modern Society -   Shyamali Sanyal, p. 47
  6. Non-Violence-Buddhist Ecological Attitude - M. Peter Amaladoss, p.  51
  7. Role of Pali Buddha-Vacana for World Peace -     Jayanti Chatterjee Sr, p.  72
  8. Application of Buddha’s Ethics towards World  Peace - Priyadarsini Mitra, p. 75  
  9. Understanding Du]hkha - Amal Kr. Harh, p. 82
  10. Eco-Sensitivity of Buddhism: An Observation - Kanti Lal Das, p. 88
  11. Death Unveiled: The Buddhist and The Post-Modernist Approach - Debika Saha, p. 109
  12. Chinese Buddhism A Synthesis of Two Different Cultures - Koushik Joarda, p. 116           
  13. Ecological Ethics: The Possibilities in Buddhism - Laxmikanta Padhi, p. 128
  14. Situating Buddhism in the Context of the Present Changing World - Koushiki Das Gupta, p. 143
  15. Role of Human Mind in Bringing Peace in the World —  Buddhist Outlook - Atashee Chatterjee (Sinha), p. 148
  16. Philosophy of Language in Buddhism - Raghunath Ghosh, p. 155     
  17. Buddhist Art vis-«a-vis Buddhist Philosophy - Manjulika Ghosh, p. 169

Index, p. 177



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