Dr Ambedkar’s Approach to Buddhism

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Authored By : Mungekar B.L.

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Dr Ambedkar’s Approach to Buddhism

Towards A Socio-Cultural and Democratic Revolution

Summary of the Book

This book, probably for the first time, considers how Dr Ambedkar’s historic conversion to Buddhism in 1956, in Nagpur, with lacs of his followers, was a step towards carrying out a socio-cultural and democratic revolution in India.  

Dr. Ambedkar held that a religious or cultural revolution always precedes a political revolution. According to the author, India’s resolution to establish a new social order based on the principles of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice as enshrined in her constitution, is a peaceful democratic revolution.
Viewed in this context, the author argues that, by bringing back Buddhism to its place of origin,

Dr. Ambedkar sought to provide the cultural foundation to India’s post-Independence socio political revolution.

Book Content



Struggle for the Annihilation of the Caste System
      and Untouchability                                                         

Dr. Ambedkar Attacks the Defence of Caste:
      It can’t Ensure Purity-of-Blood                                      

Caste, not Merely Division of Labour, But  Division of

Caste Destroyed Morality                                                   

Superimposition of Endogamy over Exogamy
      is the Origin of the Caste                                               

Inter-caste Marriage Can Destroy Caste                            

Cultural Revolution Precedes the Political Revolution      

Religion to Embody Moral Order                                        

Buddhism: Towards Cultural Revolution                           

Four Questions that Need to be Answered                       

Buddhism: Against Rituals                                                  

Equality and Morality: the Essence of Buddhism              

Be Lamp Unto Yourself                                                        

Buddhism: Peaceful Social Revolution



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