The Social Sciences : An Overview

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Authored By : Ramachandran Sita

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The Social Sciences : An Overview

Summary of the Book

As social organization of humankind acquired complex dimensions, its systematic study became necessary. The cumulative result of human endeavour in this direction is the body of knowledge known as the social sciences. The creation of the Indian Council of Social Science Research gave an impetus to the promotion of research in this area in our country. The administration of social science research has thrown up a large number of questions in respect of the social sciences in general as a category of academic endeavour, their impact on society, their financing, their utilization and above all their impact on government policy. This book is an attempt to explain some of the issues raised with a view to diffusing knowledge regarding the scientific nature of social sciences, the methods and methodology utilized by them, the need for communicating them in particular ways, the modalities of financing them, etc. The book concludes with a general essay on the "social sciences and social reality" which projects a metaparadigm of "survival of humankind" as an ultimate value for the social science endeavour, and emphasising the need for collective effort of scientists, social scientists, philosophers and creative thinkers in achieving this end.

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