Writings on Nehru

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Writings on Nehru

Some Reflections on Indian Thoughts and Related Essays

Summary of the Book

The book has two sections. Articles that are grouped in the first section present a coherent analysis of some of the events that shaped Nehru as a great statesman. Each article presented sums up the intellectual thinking that surrounded in an altogether different way. Further, those articles which are presented in the second section relate to the thought making process in India. Here, the author analyses the impact of various ideologies like the western liberalism, opposition to fascism and militarism, the impact of Russian Revolution of 1917, etc., that nurtured and affected Indian mind. Lastly, the author laments the functioning of Rumpites vis-á-vis that of Gandhian ideals and Nehruvean norms.

Book Content

Letter from H.J. Laski to Prof. Ganesh Prashad dt 9.1.1947
A Brief about Dr. Ganesh Prashad

Part I - Writings on Nehru
1.    Nehru and the West
2.    The Nehru Paradox
3.    Nehru and Nationalism
4.    Jawaharlal Nehru: A Square Peg in a Round Hole
5.    Nehru and UK Labour's MacDonaldism
6.    Nehru's Early Perception of New Forces
7.    Shaping of Nehru's World View
8.    Nehru and Asian Consciousness
9.    Nehru and Shaping of National Policy
Part II - Some Reflections on Indian Thoughts and Related Essay
10.  Eclecticism in Modern India
11.  Whiggism in India
12.  A Plea for Reason
13.  Socialism and Colonial Middle-Class
14.  Sarvodaya - A Critical Study
15.  Law and Colonialism
16.  Democratic Decentralisation: A Lay-man's Approach
17.  The Crisis of Congress, 1947-67: The Rout of the Rump
18.  Laski and Liberty
19.  Soviet Union and Indian Nationalism

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