Reservations : Bane or Boon

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Authored By : Sharma S.P.

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Reservations : Bane or Boon

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The issue of reservations has once again catapulated itself to the centre-stage of the national life of India. The present monograph delves deeper in the kind of a dilemma facing the nation for the past forty-three years of independence. The book intends to present a comprehensive, social, economic, political, legal and constitutional commentary practical on every aspect of the burning question of reservations. The coverage of the book is complete and leaves no aspect of the issue untouched. Whereas the history of reservations has come under sharp focus in this book, the development of law has been fully discussed, besides critical appreciation of the effects of reservations on society. The concept of social justice vis-a-vis equal justice has been mediatively dealt with, in addition to the abuse and misuse of reservations, in order to meet political contingencies by the leadership. While the negative aspects of reservations have been unearthed, the oblique approach to promotion of the interests of weaker sections has been critically examined.

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