Latin American Narrative of the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century: Beyond the “Boom”

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Latin American Narrative of the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century: Beyond the “Boom”

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This collection of unpublished conference papers and/or classroom lectures explores very contemporary texts of Latin American writers keeping in mind both the scholarly as well as the general reader. It includes some very respectable writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Roberto Bolaño and Eduardo Galeano for example, but also lesser known ones in India like Daniel Castro, Carlos Montemayor or Cristina Peri Rossi among many others. This would be the first book of its kind to be published from India and purports to introduce the texts of the above mentioned writers to Indians who can now be able to buy books in English translation on-line. Many of the problems raised in this book continue to be very “third-worldly” and very comparable to some Indian situations. The aim of this book is not to respond as a  knowledge “packaged” for passive consumption. It is rather a point of departure for engaging with them from within historic and academic grids in a near future.


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  1. The Documentary and Television: García Márquez on Miguel Littin’s Chile
  2. Manuel Puig and the Fantasy World of Hollywood: La traición de Rita Hayworth
  3. Responding to the use of Propganda by State Apparatuses in Fujimore’s Peru and Fox’s Mexico:  Dante Castro and Elena Poniatowska
  4. Against Popular Myths of Literature: Roberto Bolaño’s By Night in Chile   
  5. Fairytales, Tango and Dislocated Bodies: Luisa Valenzuela and Cristina Peri Rossi
  6. Catholicism as Site of Conflicts: From Las Casas to Rulfo and Montemayor
  7. Trans-cultures of Narratives / Nationalities/Sexualities: Juan Dávila, José Muñoz’ - Carlos Sampayo and Others

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