Critical Mass: Women Leadership in Rural Assam

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Authored By : Paramita Dey

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Critical Mass: Women Leadership in Rural Assam

Summary of the Book

For sustainable and economic development to take place in any country, it is necessary that people, both the male and female freely participate in the political process. They should be active catalyst of policy-making and social change. The process of participation is complex and it is by no means clear what is comprehensively inclusive. So it is not possible to assume that all sections of the population irrespective of caste, sex to take part effectively in the political and democratic process of the country.

Salient Features

  • Presents an overall picture of women in Panchayati raj institutions and their experience in panchayats. This brings out in concrete form the field level reality. This is something that may be appreciated intellectually by the scholars as well as policy-makers.
  • Though some studies have been done regarding panchayats in Assam, but this book is fully dedicated to women and their leadership. This is the first attempt in this field. It is an extensive and comprehensive study.

Comments from Experts

  • The book Critical Mass: Women Leadership in Rural Assam, written by Paramita Dey, is the result of her Ph.D. research work. The author has analysed the whole issue of women empowerment and emergence of leadership through Panchayati Raj Institutions in detail taking Kamrup District of the state of Assam as universe of her study. This book will be useful to students, researchers, academicians and also to administrators.

Prof. Niru Hazarika
Gauhati University


  • The Critical Mass: Women Leadership in Rural Assam by Dr. Paramita Dey is worth reading. It will be of great help to scholars and policy-makers connected with women empowerment.

Prof. Debasish Bhattacharjee
Department of Political Science
Assam University
Silchar, Assam


Book Content


        List of Charts
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     I  Theoretical Concepts

    II  Evolution of the Panchayati Raj Institutions

  III Organizational Framework

   IV  Women Leaders and Their Socio-Economic and Political Status

    V  Views of Women Leaders, Panchayati Raj Officials and People

   VI  Capacity Building and Role of Self-Help Groups

VII  Conclusion



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Dey, Paramita
    Critical Mass: Women Leadership in Rural Assam/Paramita Dey.
    — 1st ed.
        p. cm.

    ISBN 10:                81-7211-309-9
    ISBN 13:                978-81-7211-309-4
    1. Women in Panchayati Raj 2. Women in Community
    Development 3. Women Empowerment 4. Panchayati
    Raj: Assam
323.340954162 dc22

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