Language Culture and Value

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Language Culture and Value

Summary of the Book

The book gives a critical exposition of the following:  



• Inter-relationship of Language with Culture and Value,

• Multi-culturalism,

• Trans-cultural Aesthetics,

• Cultural Identity,

• Language and Inter-personal Communication,

• Language as Modes of Imagination,

• Aspect Perception as a case of Interpretation,

• Culture and Meaning of Life,

• Ethical Principles or Values embedded in a particular Culture etc.



Scholars specialized in this field have dealt with the problems from the Western and Indian Perspective, which will open a vista in research on Philosophy of Language and Meaning.

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Editorial Note

1. Harmony without Uniformity in Multiculturalism - Wang Keping

2. Trans-cultural Aesthetics: Schopenhauer and Tagore - Raj Singh

3. Language and Culture: Cognitive Holistic Approach - D.N. Tiwari

4. Language and Culture: An Indian Perspective - Rajeeva Ranjan Sinha

5. Culture and Language - Raghunath Ghosh

6. Does Indian Cultural Identity Make Sense? - Jagat Pal

7. Language, Culture and Value: From Immanence to Transcendence - R.C. Pradhan

8. Assertion in Frege and Dummett - Mamata Bandyopadhyay

9. Austin’s Theory of Performative Utterance : A Review - Rajat Bhattacharya

10. Language and Inter-personal Communication - Sauravpran Goswami

11. The Ethics of Deceit in Mahabharata: A Case for Moral Particularism - Nirmalya Narayan Chakraborty

12. The Concept of Human Rights in Classical Indian Philosophical Tradition - Indrani Sanyal

13. Values and Environmental Problems : A Buddhist Approach - Dilip Kumar Mohanta

14. Suicide and Tragedy - Koushik Joardar

15. The Relationship Between Language and Culture - Bhupendra Chandra Das

16. Business and Social Responsibility - N. Ramthing

17. The Struggle between Language, Culture and Civilization: A Tribute to Wittgenstein - Purbayan Jha

18. Word-Meaning and Sentence-Meaning: An Indian Perspective - Tapan Kumar Chakraborty

19. Langauge and Culture: A Socio-linguistic Approach - Hasan Ali Ahemed

20. Indian Ideology and Environmental Problems - Nirmal Kumar Roy

21. Language, Culture and Value - Kanti Lal Das




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