Philosophy of Language

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Authored By : Ghosh Raghunath

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Philosophy of Language

Summary of the Book

The book entitled : 'Philosophy of Language' : An Adavaitic Approach' deals with some Indian theories of Language in general and Advita system of Philosophy in particular. It covers the following sub - topics :

(a) Agama as a Pramana

(b) The Advita Concept of Testimonial Perception (sabdajanya-pratyaksa).

(c) Linguistic Analysis as a Method in Advita Vedanta and other system.

 (d) Relevance of Agamic literature in modern time

(e) Other allied issues in in Advita system. It provides a vivid picture of the role and importance of language in Advita Vedanta system.

 I sincerely hope that the researchers in this field will get impetus and much textual materials from the volume which may further be developed and analyzed by them in future.

Book Content

1. Introduction


2. Philosophy as Linguistic Analysis


3. The Advita Philosophy of Language : Agama Pramana Yogyata or Semantic Competency

4. The Advita Concept of Sabdaparoksavada

5. Some Critical and Evaluation Remarks



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