Phenomenological Meaning

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Authored By : Saha Debika, Padhi Laxmikanta

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Phenomenological Meaning

Summary of the Book

This book is to provide a wide-ranging picture of how phenomenology relates to language and meaning under the Special Assistance Programme of UGC (DRS-II) for which we are thankful to our esteem colleague and Coordinator of this Programme Prof. Raghunath Ghosh. It contains both in-depth studies on new aspects of language in phenomenological thought  as  well  as  original phenomenological research that explores the respective potentials and limits of linguistic expression and conceptualization. 

The contributions gathered here may have a single aim, but their content varies depending on the respective author's intention: either to discuss the problems of language within the Husserlian framework and to address philosophical issues of language  proceeding  from  a phenomenological viewpoint, or to provide a reflection on phenomenology's relation to language. Thus, rather than being organized by topic, this volume has been arranged according to the respective contributors' philosophical approaches. 

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Editorial Note

About the Contributors

  1.      Phenomenological Concern for the Meaning of Existence – V. C. Thomas
  2.      On Seeing ‘Meaning’ – Kalyan Kumar Bagchi
  3.      Language in the Open: A Phenomenological Excursus through Heidegger, Derrida and Agamben – Prasenjit Biswas
  4.      Expression and Indication: The Play of Différance – Nirmalya Narayan Chakraborty
  5.      Intentionality: The Link between Thought and the World – Ram Chandra Majhi
  6.      Some Reflections on Husserl’s Theory of Meaning – Santosh Kumar Pal
  7.      A Note on Husserl’s Theory of Meaning – Manjulika Ghosh
  8.      Krishnamurti on Consciousness and Truth – Shakuntala Bora
  9.      Martin Heidegger on Language and Reality – Kantilal Das
  10.     The Phenomenological Concept of Nothingness – Koushik Joardar
  11.     The Notion of ‘Given’ in Scheler’s Phenomenology – Benulal Dhar
  12.     Phenomenology – Meaning – Psychotherapy – Somdatta Bhattacharyya
  13.     Phenomenology and Indian Philosophy – Raghunath Ghosh



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