The Determinants of Fertilizer Consumption and its Growth

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Authored By : Mohanam T.C.

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The Determinants of Fertilizer Consumption and its Growth

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An attempt has been made in this book to identify theoritically as well as empirically the factors which have contributed for the growth of fertilizer use in Indian agriculture and with special reference to Tamil Nadu. The author makes a survey of trends in fertilizer use, irrigation, area under HYV’s, fertilizer price, farm yard manure, fertilizer and food subsidy and other significant variables which are contributing for agricultural development. This book contains a wealth of information relating to various studies on fertilizer economy. And also highlighted major issues of the burden of subsidy in Indian Budgets. The study thus brought into the realm of academic interest the sublimical truth and the long remained unexplored phenomenon of bio-fertilizers (organic manures) use in Indian agriculture in future to save the real quality of the soil and to protect the agricultural environment. In this aspect, perhaps this could be the pioneer study. Countries like India can depend on intensive and extensive use of farm yard manure to protect the environment degradation and to attain self-sufficiency in food production. This could be achieved by an appropriate blend of traditional, modern and emerging agricultural technologies. Thus, this book should be of great interest to researchers and policy makers who are concerned with Indian Agriculture.

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