The Silenced Drums

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Authored By : Karmakar K.G.

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The Silenced Drums

A Review of Tribal Economic Development

Summary of the Book

In an era of globalisation and privatisation, when the entire world economy is undergoing structural changes with wide-ranging ramifications to the developing countries, the fate of tribal people is a matter of concern to administrators and development agencies like NGOs, banks and others. There is a need to ensure sustainable development of tribals through innovative interventions and funding from international institutions and the Government. The book analyses various issues and problems of tribals in India and Orissa in particular. It is the first book of its kind on tribal economic development which deals with the specific problems and needs of the tribals. Due to historical reasons, tribal society has not been able to catch up with the changing needs of society. Indifferent and unrealistic policies not only drive tribal people to absolute poverty but also drive them out of their natural habitats. Keeping this in mind, the book discusses various aspects of tribal development in a pragmatic and realistic way.

Book Content

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About Tribal People - An Overview of Development

   I.   The Tribal Way of Life
   II.   Tribal Economy: An Analysis
  III.   Exploitation of the Tribal Economy
  IV.  Sustainable Development and Tribal Innovations
  V.  Regulatory and Developmental Initiatives
  VI.  Forest Laws and Tribal Rights
  VII.  Marketing in Tribal Areas
 VIII.  Women in the Tribal Economy

By Tribal People - Activities for Economic Development

   IX.  Collection and Procurement of Minor Forest Produce
   X.   Tribal Art and Handicrafts
  XI.   Tribal  Forest-based Products
  XII.   Grass-based Products
  XIII.  Medicinal Plants Cultivation
 XIV.  Projects for Tribal Development

For Tribal People - A Framework for Sustainable Development

  XV. Food Security and Self Help
  XVI. LAMPS: Brighter Days Ahead for Tribals
 XVII. Tribal Self Help Groups
 XVIII. Consumption Credit for Tribal People
  XIX. Tribal Credit Facilitators and Voluntary Agencies
   XX. Contractual Farming System for Tribal Farmers
  XXI. Forest Rejuvenation and Tribal Area Development
  XXII. Integrated Tribal Development: An Approach


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The Silenced Drums