Flowers of the Soul

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Authored By : Bose Sujit

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Flowers of the Soul

Summary of the Book


The seventeen short stories that constitute Flowers of the Soul are an attempt of the author to affect the reader’s emotion rather than the intellect. They are the flowers that bloom in the soul of the author, watered had fertilized by his imagination. These stories are attempts to read the mind of the jealous, the proud, the insane, the foolish, the ambitious and others. It is an interesting reading for the sensitive reader.

Book Content


  1. Sister
  2. The Fool
  3. Success and Failure
  4. Sleep
  5. The Good and the Great
  6. The Farewell
  7. Satya Sevak
  8. Anirban
  9. The Dream
  10. Foetal Memory
  11. Rajeev’s Wife
  12. Top Floor
  13. The Sale
  14. Aeroplane
  15. Prelude
  16. The Car
  17. The Return


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Flowers of the Soul