Health for Peace

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Authored By : Kulkarni Suresh

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Health for Peace

Summary of the Book

The book re-examines the customary belief that financing of health care is positively related to health status of population. The belief has survived, despite being fallacious, because health is not generally viewed in its widest connotation; so that resources spent on health do not touch the larger meaning of health. Hence, a non-correlation between the two. The book presents factual and analytical support for this hypothesis of non-correlation. This is done in two stages. Firstly, in terms of the existing politico-economic critique; and secondly by suggesting a holistic view of health three existing paradigms of health—the mechanistic, liberalistic and the politico-economic—have been discussed. From here the book proceeds to build a holistic paradigm of health. The holistic meaning, besides physical fitness, includes a peaceful state of mind and social consiousness, without which society can neither build a genuine health care programme nor ensure positive relationship between health care financing and health status. Such a comprehensive perspective integrates mechanistic, objective as well as subjective determinants of health. In the history of health care, the concept of health has progressively widened, first from purely microscopic to socioscopic and thereafter to culturoscopic dimensions. Holism contains them all—the body, mind, society and the total human personality. The book suggests a holistic health care perspective for promoting health and peace.

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Health for Peace