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Authored By : Thakur Bimal Narayan

Publisher: Paragon Books

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Summary of the Book


The book Manhood, displays the truth that the sword of knowledge endowed with egoless, selfless action in the light of constant will power can attain universal victory.

Book Content

The Boon of the Fire God

Meeting with the King of Avunthie

Gift of the King

Chakradhar’s advice to the Priests

Happiness Springs not in Evil Roots

Virbhadra’s Marriage with the Princess of Avunthie

Virbhadra’s Union with Vidyadhari

Sudden Change of Fate

Marriage of the Princess of Poundravardhan

Betrayal of the Merchant

Matha Life Described

Friendship between the Man and the Giant

Siddha Kshetra-Udaya Mountain

Vidyadhari was Discovered

Virbhadra’s Return to Avunthie

Teachings of the Sage: (The Golden Messages)

Justice to the Debarred Parents

Travelling of the King in Disguise

Meaningful Life of Grihastha

Ideal Centre of Learning

Pleasant Life of the Farmers

The Shepherds with the Nature

The Guest House

The Priest’s Generosity

Message of the Journey Narrated to the Counsellors

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