Traditional Political System of the Binjhals

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Authored By : Panda Premananda

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Traditional Political System of the Binjhals

Summary of the Book

This book has

  • Recorded the unrecorded past and reconstructed the socio-political nexus through the game of political dominance and territorial expansion
  • Unmasked the reality of tribal politics through theories and models explaining the hierarchy of power that roots in peoples’ history on land, forest, water and deities
  • Unveiled the careful engineering of the socio-cultural matrix 

Book Content





      I.  Political Anthropology

          Introduction;  Traditional Political Systems

     II.  The Binjhals: The People and their Habitat


    III.  Social Organisation

          Binjhal Clans and Their Territories; Origin and Hierarchy of Clans


   IV.  Political Organization

         The Tribal Council; Zamindari System Coopted


    V.  Dominant Clan and the Emergence of Ruling Lineages and Influential
Families; Dominant Lineage; The Binjhal Zamindaris; Khaira : The Gaunti Villages


    VI.  The Ruling Lineages and their Importance

          The Role of the Euologist; Khanda Dhua Parba; Coronation; Status and Political Power;

          The Cult Dhuliapat; Karama Festival


   VII.  Clan Hierarchy and Marital Alliance


   VIII.  The Binjhal Political System

           State formation Process; Models; Tribal Political System as a Spring Board for the National 

           Political; System


    IX.  Conclusion




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