Services Chiefs of India

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Services Chiefs of India

Summary of the Book

The present book is the story of gallant sons of Indian soil. They staked their lives in the service of the country. It was their bravery and dare-devilery that earned the name and reputation for Indian Forces. Without their courage and leadership Indian Forces could never achieve the prominence. All the countries of the World know that Indian Soldiers, Sailers and Air-men can die for the country but can never betray it. The First World War and Second World War are the witness of their bravery and courage. They fought in the extreme climatic conditions with minimum resources—in the desert, oceans and in the air. It is the duty of every one of us to pay our homage to these fearless persons working under the leadership of the Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force. This book is the succinct and lucid portrayal of the service elites who are the embodiment of gallantry, undaunted courage and devotion to duty. This book is a humble tribute to their bravery and patriotism.

This book will be very useful to service officers, youths and research scholars. It will save their precious time by providing all the essential information about the Services Chiefs of India.

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Supreme Commanders of Armed Forces

Glimpses of Martial Personalities and Military Equipments at Display 


The Army Chiefs

  1. The Army Chiefs
  2. The Army
  3. Commissioned Ranks in the Army
  4. General Sir Roy Bucher, 1948-1949
  5. General K.M. Cariappa, 1949-1953
  6. General Maharaja Rajendra Singhji, April-May 1955
  7. General S.M. Srinagesh, 1955-1957
  8. General K.S. Thimayya, 1957-1961
  9. General P.N. Thapar, 1961-1962
  10. General J.N. Chaudhari, 1962-1966
  11. General P.P. Kumarmangalam, 1966-1969
  12. General S.H.F.J. Manekshaw, 1969-1972
  13. Field Marshal S.H.F.Z. Manekshaw, January 01-January 14, 1973
  14. General G.G. Bewoor, 1973-1975
  15. General T.N. Raina, 1975-1978
  16. Genaral O.P. Malhotra, 1978-1981
  17. General K.V. Krishna Rao, 1981-1983
  18. General A.S. Vaidya, 1983-1986
  19. General Krishnaswamy Sundarji, 1986-1988
  20. General Vishwanath Sharma, 1988-1990
  21. General Sunith Francis Rodrigues, 1990-1993
  22. General Bipin Chandra Joshi, 1993-1994
  23. General Shankar Roy Chowdhary, Nov 1994<196>Sep 1997
  24. General Ved Prakash Malik, Oct 1997<196>Sep 2000
  25. General Sundarrajan Padmanabhan, Oct 2000<196>31st Dec 2002
  26. General Nirmal Chander Vij, Jan 1st 2003<196>Jan 31st 2005
  27. General Joginder Jaswant Singh, Feb 1st 2005-to date

The Naval Chiefs


  1. The Naval Chiefs
  2. The Navy
  3. Commissioned Ranks in the Navy
  4. Rear-Admiral J.T.S. Hall, 1947-48
  5. Admiral Sir W.E. Parry, 1948-51
  6. Admiral Sir C.T.M. Pizey, 1951-55
  7. Vice-Admiral Sir S.H. Carlill, 1955-58
  8. Vice-Admiral R.D. Katari, 1958-1962
  9. Vice-Admiral B.S. Soman, 1962-1966
  10. Admiral A.K. Chatterji, 1966-1970
  11. Admiral S.M. Nanda, 1970-1973
  12. Admiral S.N. Kohli, 1973-1976
  13. Admiral J.L. Cursetji, 1976-1979
  14. Admiral R.L. Pereira, 1979-1982
  15. Admiral O.S. Dawson, 1982-1984
  16. Admiral R.H. Tahiliani, 1984-1987
  17. Admiral J.G. Nadkarni, 1987-1990
  18. Admiral L. Ramdas, 1990-1993
  19. Admiral V.S. Shekhawat, 1993-1996
  20. Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, 1996-1998
  21. Admiral Sushil Kumar, 1998-2001
  22. Admiral Madhvendra Singh, 2002-2004
  23. Admiral Arun Prakash, 2004 to date

The Air Chiefs


  1. Air Chiefs
  2. The Air Force
  3. Commissioned Ranks in Air Force
  4. List of Abbreviation Terms
  5. Air Marshal Sir T.W. Elmhirst, 1947-1950
  6. Air Marshal Sir R.I. Chapman, 1950-1951
  7. Air Marshal Sir Gerald Gibbs,      1951-1954
  8. Air Marshal S. Mukherjee, 1954-1960
  9. Air Marshal A.M. Engineer, 1960-1964
  10. Air Chief Marshal Arjan Singh, 1964-1969
  11. Air Chief Marshal P.C. Lal, 1969-1973
  12. Air Chief Marshal O.P. Mehra, 1973-1976
  13. Air Chief Marshal H. Moolgavkar, 1976-1978
  14. Air Chief Marshal I.H. Latif, 1978-1981
  15. Air Chief Marshal Dilbagh Singh, 1981-1984
  16. Air Chief Marshal L.M. Katre, 1984-1985
  17. Air Chief Marshal D.A. La Fontaine, 1985-1988
  18. Air Chief Marshal S.K. Mehra, 1988-1991
  19. Air Chief Marshal N.C. Suri, 1991-1993
  20. Air Chief Marshal S.K. Kaul, 1993-1995
  21. Air Chief Marshal S.K. Sareen, 1995-1998
  22. Air Chief Marshal A.Y. Tipnis, 1998-2001
  23. Air Chief Marshal S. Krishnaswamy, 2001-2004
  24. Air Chief Marshal S.P. Tyagi, 2004-to date




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