Vocationalization of Education

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Authored By : Sharma Rajni

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Vocationalization of Education

Summary of the Book

Education is an important instrument for social mobility and social change. In an era of all-round development and progress the system of education has to be compatible with the challenges of modern times. A country like India with such a large population has to opt for vocationalization of education.

Salient Features

  • Highlights the factors that can accelerate the pace of the implementation of the scheme of vocationalization of education.
  • Details the character and nature of distractors in the implementation of the scheme.
  • Suggests measures, if taken, by the educationists and policy-makers may serve as correctives to overcome current difficulties.

Book Content





1. Introduction

             1.1. Theoretical Background of the Study


             1.2. Definition of the Terms Used      

                        Facilitators and Distractors       






                        School Management    



            1.3.  Objectives of the Study   

            1.4.  Delimitation of the Study         

            1.5.  Significance of the Study         

2. Review of Related Literature

            2.1.  Studies Conducted        

                        In India 


            2.2.  A Critique

3. Methodology   

            3.1.  Introduction      

            3.2.  Method

                        The Normative Survey 

            3.3.  The Research Design 

            3.4.  Sample

            3.5.  Tools   

                        Initial Versions          

                        Final Version


            3.6.  Administration of Tools

            3.7.  Collection of Data    




            3.8.  Statistical Treatment of the Data    

4. Interpretation and Analysis of Data    

            4.1.  Presentation of the Data           

            4.2.  Analysis of QIPS   

                        Educational Qualification     


                        Academic Achievement 

                        Availability of    

                        Perception of Students About   

                        Attitude of         

                        Subjects Studied         

            4.3.  Analysis of QIPT    

                        Availability of    

                        Subject Taught 

                        Knowledge of Teachers About   

                        Perception of Teachers About   

                        Disatisfaction Among Teachers          

                        Facilitators and Distractors       

                        Attitude of         

                        Importance Enjoyed by the Vocational Teachers in School 

            4.4.  Analysis of QIPP   

                        Facilities Required & their Availability 

                        Solutions of Problems   

                        Suggestions of Principals         

                        Position of Enrolment     

                        Attitude of         

                        Perception of Principals About   

            4.5.  Analysis of Interview and its Contents          

5. Findings, Suggestions and Implications    

            5.1.  Findings           


            5.2.  Final Conclusions Drawn  

            5.3.  Implications for 

                        The State   

                        The Principal           

                        The Industry



            5.4.  Suggestions     




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