India : A Regional Interpretation

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Authored By : Deshpande C.D.

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India : A Regional Interpretation

Summary of the Book

After a concise description of the geographical setting of India, the study suggests a classification of the country into its geographical regions on the basis of historical evolution, formation of regional cores, and expansion of regional cultures from the cores to the present day geographical regions with their broad correspondence with the present States of the Indian Union.

Each macro-geographical region is studied in the context of its meso and micro level sub-units. Man-environment relationships are examined in detail and the socio-economic problems of each region highlighted.

Some inter-regional and national level problems are discussed in the concluding part of the book. The Indian Federal structure receives particular attention. The author argues that the reorganization of the States of the Indian Union, was, in fact, on the historic-cultural basis, than linguistic. The so-called linguistic base gave rise to regional acrimonies and ‘border’ disputes, and this base did not prevent the information of the State of Punjab and Haryana as separate States.

The process of State formation is not yet complete as would be seen in the current agitations in the N.W., N.E. and the East-Central India, with occasional rumblings in Tamil Nadu. In all these regions, rising political consciousness and aspirations for economic development have provoked demand for greater regional autonomy and Statehood. A new federal structure for India with several small States and sub-States with meaningful devolution of powers has been suggested. Such federal structure would, in the opinion of the author, lend to political stability and ensure economic progress, without weakening in any way the political unity of the nation. There is much in this book that gives the reader the background to understand the contemporary political and economic scene in India, and the implications of the current instability in N.W., N.E. and East-Central India.

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