Rural Development : Policies and Programmes

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Authored By : Singh Shiva Kant

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Rural Development : Policies and Programmes

Summary of the Book

Rural development is an old theme but has been evolving new contents and fresh concerns, and the village still remains a homogeneous entity. Rural development in its comprehensive sense relate to multidimensional development of rural areas. The philosophy of rural development as a strategy has been to enable a target group of rural people to identity their needs and also to evolve a process to ensure the continuing benefits of rural development to the poorest among the poor.

First part of the book presents a comprehensive picture of the rural development programmes in chronological order since first five year plan to the eighth five year plan. Here attempt has also been made to present the temporal dimensions of policies and objectives being adopted, extended and/or modified after reviewing the needs of identified target area and/or target groups. Second part attempts to analyse the trend of rural development programmes being implemented in the region with their changing philosophy and composition from Community Development Programme (CDP), Small Farmers Development Agencies (SFDA) to Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP). This part of the book encompasses trhe block level analysis of rural development programmes being implemented and attempts to understand the block-wise and programme-wise proportion of beneficiaries. First half of trhe third part of the study has been so designed to have the first hand information on the basis of village and household questionnaires specially developed for the purpose, not only have helped in evaluating the impact of various rural development programmes but also in assessing the participation of beneficiaries and that of the implementing agencies. The degree of awareness, attitude and opininon of the respondents, evaluation of rural development programmes and role of government functionaries too has been included in the second half. Finally on the basis of the findings of the study, based on field observations and theoretical knowledge some important and practical suggestions have been made to improve the effectiveness of rural development programmes and also to ensure the active participation of rural people.


The study indeed is of immense use to the geographers, economists, sociologists, administratiors along with researchers working in the fields.

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1.   Regional Setting

Geology, Physiography, Hydrology, River-system, Lakes and Tanks, Soils, Climate, Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, Wind Direction and Speed, Clouds and Rainfall, Vegetation, Forest Types, Wild Life.


2.   Rural Development: Policies and Programmes

Post Independence Efforts, Rural Development Policy, First Five Year Plan, Second Five Year Plan, Third Five Year Plan, Three Annual Plans, Fourth Five Year Plan, Fifth Five Year Plan, Sixth Five Year Plan, Seventh Five Year Plan, Eighth Five Year Plan.


3.   Process of Rural Development in Sagar District

      Small Farmers Development Agency, District Rural Development Agency.


4.   Profile of Sample Villages

Location and Accessibility, Household and Population, Income Groups, House Types, Transport Facilities, Landuse Pattern, 
Land-holdings and Ownership, Use of Fertilizers, Production of Crops, Animal Husbandry, Educational Facilities, Educational Status, Agricultural & Non-agricultural Equipments, Services, Rural Artisan and Service Unit.


5.   Socio-Economic Profile of Respondents    

Population, Sex Ratio, Religion, Caste, Education, Land Holdings,  Operational Land, Irrigation, Use of Modern Inputs, Agricultural Crops, Domestic Animals, Income, Loans, House Types, Drinking Water Facilities, Occuptional Structure.


6.   Level of Awareness, Attitude and Opinion of the Respondents    

Impact of Rural Development Programmes, Achievements of the Rural Development Programmes, Response and Participation: Rural Development Programmes, Financial Assistance, Indifferent Attitude of the Respondents.


7.   Evaluation of Rural Development  Programmes     

Beneficiaries Selected for IRDP, Jawahar Rozgar Yojana, Loan Amount under IRDP, Subsidy Amount, Time Required for Sanction of Loan, Respondents Opinion on the Terms of Loans.


8.   Rural Development Programmes: 
Role of Government Functionaries

Working of the Block Development Officer, Working of the Extension Officer, Working of the Village Development Officer, Working of the Electricity Department, Working of P.H.E. Department, Working of Health Department, Working of Veterinary Services, Working of Co-operative Societies, Working of the Financial Institutions, Working of other Services, Advantage of the Loan Facilities, Old Age Pension Scheme, Allotement of Land to the Landless, Development Activities: Participation and Representation, Problem of Market Availability, Problem of Education Facilities.


9.   Summary and Conclusion 





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