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Authored By : Pachuau Rintluanga

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A Study in Comprehensive Geography

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The publication of Mizoram –A Study in Comprehensive Geography is a new contribution to regional geography of India. Information and reliable data on the north eastern states of India have always been scanty and vague; and the problem is more pronounced if the area is confined to Mizoram.


The present book  Mizoram – A Study in Comprehensive Geography is self explanatory to the title, the first of its kind, confined to geographical description and analysis. It accounts and presents the total picture of the least known state of the country, from the perspective of different branches of geography. In fact, the book is the outcome of the author's struggle in obtaining relevant data during his tenure as a research scholar and a teacher, who put himself responsible in making reliable data and information available, to cater to the needs of the research scholars and students in particular. In doing so, data are carefully compared and first proved authenticity then only used for the analysis. The effort, the authenticity of the data, systematic presentation and illustrations mark the book distinctive to any other books relating geography of Mizoram or whatsoever.


The first chapter traces the historical and cultural background of the Mizos, the settlers of the present state. Second chapter is confined to the political significance of the state in terms of location, development and administration. The third chapter presents the details of physical aspects, where social aspects are dealt with in chapter four. The next chapter portraits the economic picture of the region with reference to geographical traits. The sixth chapter analyze the demography of the state giving stress on its dynamism. Summary, highlighting important points and theme of different chapters are given at the end of the chapters.


The book is illustrated with 13 maps, 6 figures, 42 plates and also supplemented with relevant 22 tables. This adds to the understanding, clear perception and interest of the reader. References to the text are given at the end every chapter, bibliography and theme index are listed at the end.  

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         Basic Facts about Mizoram

 1.    Historical and Cultural Geography

 2.    Political Geography

 3.    Physical Geography

 4.    Social Geography

 5.    Economic Geography

 6.    Population Geography


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