The World of Nagas

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Authored By : Ramunny Murkot

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The World of Nagas

Summary of the Book

When India from the early part of the century was trying to reassert and carve out its own destiny, Nagas were trying to preserve their own identity. For centuries Nagas had lived secluded in their villages on hill tops. Nature’s resources and their ancient traditions enabled them to lead a happy, healthy, contented life. Their world was their village, the limit of their vision, the village horizon.

The early contacts with outsiders were disastrous. The British settled down to a non-interfering benevolent administration. The advent of Christianity filled a spiritual vacuum. India’s independence movement left them untouched. The dawn of independence increased their fear of the unknown. A violent movement for independence continued for a couple of decades.

It would be useful to know how independent India tackled this problem.

Shri B.K. Nehru in his Foreword to the Book said:

"It is good that Mr. Ramunny, whose knowledge of Nagaland is unrivalled, should have given us in this book, what is essentially the history of Nagaland since independence".

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The World of Nagas