Love Ever Gives

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Authored By : Ghose S.C.

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Love Ever Gives

Summary of the Book

This is my poetic debut breaking away from a continuum of writing research-based books, articles and `papers in response to my career-oriented imperatives and aspirations.

Now that I am detached from a teaching institution like a college or university where I spent 35-odd years in my capacity as a teacher and a researcher in a social science, I am now free to delve deep in my areas of literary interests which were integral to my nature from my early student days but under certain compulsions I couldn't pursue it. Now I seem to have come full circle.

This book of poetry may inaugurate the launch of a new literary drive to be followed by other literary genres including fictions and novels in pursuit of my long-bridled literary passion.

The present book of poetry is comprised of a total of twenty-five poems of different tastes and lengths  some contained in a single page while others expand over pages up to  seven to eight .

The included poems have been dichoto-mized into two segments  Romantic and Realistic.

Romantic poems are love-centric conceived and composed in the prime of my life while the Realistic poems are reality-centric composed in the later part of my life engrossed in combating the harsh realities.

Love, admittedly, informs and inspires all the poems whether in the first part or in the second but the nature of love in the first part is different from that of the second. Love in the first part may be characterized as quixotic.

The term 'love' is generic. It is the core of all creative actions. One can't do anything positive without love for it. One must love a thing to do it admirably. This love has propelled me to conceive and compose this book of poetry. Hence the title Love Ever Gives.


Book Content





  • My Goddess of Love
  • I Love You
  • In Silence
  • Outburst of a Jilted Lover
  • Aruna and Ashim


  • An Infinite Wait
  • My Faith in God
  • Dream and Life
  • Stages of Life
  • Imperceptible
  • In Love
  • A Flaming Passion
  • On Transition
  • Sanat
  • A Journalist
  • Never or Principal
  • Age no Bar
  • Pleasure and Pain of Being Parents of Daughters
  • Retired Life
  • Scooters and Bikes
  • Typewriter, Mobile and Computer
  • Craze for a Car
  • Politicians of the Day
  • Residence at Kolkata
  • Religion of Man

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Love Ever Gives