The Silent Observer

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Authored By : Banerjee Pratik

Publisher: Northern Book Centre

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The Silent Observer

Summary of the Book

The  book is  a treatise about the present socio-economic political scenario of the country. It has been written with an eye of a common Indian citizen taking the drudgeries of the governance of the post independent era. The book has  its genesis in the pre-independent era brings about the socio-political scenario of the Indian subcontinent at that  time and compares it with the present situations. It basically revolves round the  work where the  findings of the cause of corruption has been on priority. The  book  involves the  reasons  why  the  Indians  love to be corrupt and live a life proudly  with loss of all feelings of national ethics. The  cause and reasoning  make the book interesting  as to why the present  socioeconomic depression of the world  would spell disaster for the nation in the years to come.  It does leave a good feel factor  for the reader  behind,  which might be optimistic if he is ready to bring about a mental change.

Book Content


  1. Introduction
  2. The Pre-independence Era
  3. The Psyche of an Indian in the Pre-independent Era
  4. Post Independence Era
  5. Era of Open Trade
  6. Psychology of the Indian Mind
  7. Present Day Scenario
  8. Revolts and Uprisings
  9. The Economic Meltdown (2008 onwards)
  10. Real Estates
  11. Population
  12. The Food System of India
  13. Education
  14. Health
  15. Final Count Down
  16. The Positive Effect of India
  17. The Future of India
  18. Revamping the System
  19. The Financial Slow Down
  20. The Solution for the Slow Down
  21. Resolution
  22. Epilogue

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The Silent Observer