The Ultimate Quest

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Authored By : Garg Pyar

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The Ultimate Quest

Summary of the Book

This presentation is dedicated to the inquiring readership who is willing to explore the secrets of life, universe and their creator with objectivity, through the three avenues of Spirituality, Philosophy and Science.

The book considers the riddles of ‘Soul’, the ‘Creation’ and the ‘Creator’, the principles of ‘Karma’ and Rebirth postulates, the meaning of Death’ and movement of the ‘Soul’ the meaning of ‘Salvation’, understanding ‘Godhood’ Divine experiences, the purpose and process of ‘Creation’ and its ‘Destruction’, explanation of miracles, the value of worship and rituals (Karma-Kand), occult sciences, telepathy and all the other challenging questions which the human intellect has faced ever-since the dawn of civilisation.

What the various significant philosophies of the world have to offer (24 philosophies considered) on these questions of the Divine and the Temporal have been reviewed and critically analysed.

The position of Science and responses of scientists to these questions including the Big Bang theory, Structure of Matter etc., have been objectively analysed in detail. Section on Neurotheology outlines the functioning of Brain and psyche, considers the electro-potential alterations and other changes observed in the brain parallel  to the ‘out-of-body’ experiances / meditation, etc.

The book is a presentation of a world renowned medical specialist, scientific thinker and philosophical and spiritual investigator.

Foreword of the book has been written by Dr. Karan Singh, Member of Parliament, (former Ruler of Jammu and Kashmir), it has been profusely praised by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (President of Republic of India) and other distinguished commentators.

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The Ultimate Quest