Quine's Philosophy

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Authored By : Lenka Laxminarayan

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Quine's Philosophy

(Anti-foundationalism through Indeterminacy and Other Theses)

Summary of the Book

In this book, an attempt has been made to situate Quine’s philosophy in contemporary epistemology or, to be more specific, cotemporary justology (theory of justification). Quine’s philosophy is understood here as an integrated whole of his four theses: 1. The thesis that there cannot be an Analytic-Synthetic distinction, 2. The Indeterminacy Thesis, 3. The thesis of Ontological Relativity and 4. The Thesis of Naturalized Epistemology. Each of these theses has been advanced as a thesis against foundationalism. In other words, this book attempts to characterize Quine’s philosophy as an anti-foundationalism by means of exploring into Quine’s above said theses.

Book Content

Foreword by Prof. Amitabha Das Gupta

1. Introduction
2. Foundationalism, Coherentism and Naturalism
3. Refutation of Analytic-Synthetic Distinction
4. Indeterminacy of Translation
5. Ontological Relativity
6. Naturalized Epistemology
7. Against Justological Foundationalism: An Extension of Quine’s Theses
8. Anti-foundationalism through Indeterminacy and Other Theses



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Quine's Philosophy