Religion and Politics in Japan

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Authored By : Prabhakar H.S.

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Religion and Politics in Japan

Summary of the Book

  • This book provides deeper insight into the aspirations and beliefs of millions of Japanese public and sheds new light by linking historical developments in Japanese religion, society and politics.
  • The book explains well organized, socially integrated Buddhist denomination – Soka Gakkai, whose membership is about 10 million Japanese, 2 million overseas and assets worth Yen 500 billion.
  • The book provides extensive information about carefully crafted linkages between and interplay of religion and politics in contemporary Japan.
  • By utilizing large scale surveys and nuanced interviews the book brings out not so well known internal dynamics of Japanese society and domestic politics.
  • Skilful combination of social welfare policies with nationalism, commitment to world peace and political involvement its leadership would ensure Soka Gakkai-Komeito viability in future  that were hitherto resisted in Japanese society but now accepted as Japan's soft power quiver.    
  • The readers find in this book solid facts to check what at best in the past were only their intuitive judgments about the norms, beliefs and value preference of common people in Japan.

Book Content

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgement
  • List of Tables

  1. The Japanese Religious Scene: A Historical Survey
  2. Soka Gakkai: Quest for the Status of a National Religion
  3. Membershp, Composition, Organizational Structure and Strength of Soka Gakkai and its Political Arm Komeito
  4. Soka Gakkai and National Politics
  5. Soka Gakkai and the Quest for Political Power
  6. Soka Gakkai-Komeito: Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy
  7. Parting of the Ways: Bid to Create a Secular Image
  8. Summary and Conclusion
  • Appendix

  • Name Index

  • Subject Index

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