Society & Cancer

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Authored By : Kaur Reetinder, Sinha A.K.

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Society & Cancer

Summary of the Book

This book is a rich collection of various theories, conceptual frameworks for health and illness; qualitative data presented in the form of 132 case studies and narratives; quantitative data presented in the form of 76 tables, 15 figures, bar-diagrams, pie-charts, interesting plates; exhaustive list of references.

Salient Features :

  • Based on 230 in-depth interviews of cancer patients (undergoing active and symptomatic treatment), their caregivers as well as health care providers 
  • Social burden of patients suffering from different types of cancer
  • Body image concerns of cancer patients
  • Socio-cultural beliefs, myths and stigma related with cancer
  • Religious contexts of cancer and related suffering
  • Palliative care needs of advanced cancer patients
  • Palaeopathological evidences of cancer
  • Cancer in ancient texts (Indian, Greek and Roman, Unani and Egyptian)

Useful for academic researchers in disciplines like anthropology, sociology, ecology, epidemiology, medical geography, public health, AYUSH, NGOs, administration and health planning.

Book Content


  1.    Introduction
  2.    Palaeopathology of Cancer
  3.    Review of Literature
  4.    Conceptual and Theoretical Framework
  5.    Research Methodology
  6.    Punjab: Ecology and its Impact  on Health
  7.    Analysis
  8.    Summary


     I   Interview Guide for Cancer Patients

    II   EORTC QLQ-C30 Instrument (Version 3)

   III    Interview Guide for Caregivers

   IV  Interview Guide for Doctors and Medical Professionals

    V  Interview Guide for Non-governmental Organisations

   VI  General Ethical Principles

  VII   Consent Form for the Patients

 VIII   D.S. Research Centre, Varanasi

  IX    Role of NGOs in Health and Environment in Punjab

   X   Transcription Key for Non-English Words 

      References Cited

          Name Index

          Subject Index

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Society & Cancer