Impact of TFP on Financial Structure in Indian Cement Industry

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Authored By : Pant Meetakshi

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Impact of TFP on Financial Structure in Indian Cement Industry

Summary of the Book

This book is based on the econometric research analysis of Indian Cement Industry. It provides a deep analysis of the relationship between total factor productivity and its correlation and impact on financial structure of the firms. The readers would be made aware of the importance of the total factor productivity and other real variables. The book also studies in detail the Cement Industry in India and also provides benchmarking of some major firms in Cement Industry. The book apart from quantitative analysis, also in general studies about the environmental aspect and the energy efficiency of Indian Cement Industry. 

Salient Features
  • Analysis of Indian Cement Industry with analysis of major Indian cement firms
  • Relationship between financial structure and total factor productivity
  • Both quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis of Cement Industry
  • Critical analysis of Theories of Financial Structure and Productivity
  • Detailed analysis of the methodology used with stepwise methodology for treatment of data and reason for taking the methodology
  • Only major Indian study to analyse the impact of real variables on Financial structure of firm
  • Benchmarking of Indian Cement Industry based on Total Factor Productivity with proper reasoning
  • Contemporary topics including sustainable growth , environmental impact and energy efficiency
  • Impact of changing business environment on financial structure and productivity
  • Policy recommendations based on the empirical study

Book Content

Foreword by Dr. Santosh Kumar
Comments of Mr Abhijeet Mallick
List of Abbreviations
List of Figures
List of Tables
1. Introduction
Learning Objectives
Purpose of this Book
General Introduction
Objectives of the Book
2. Overview of Indian Cement Industry
Learning Objectives
Introduction of Cement Industry
3. Theories of Financial Structure
Learning Objectives
What is Financial Structure?
Various Theories of Financial Structure
Various Authors Work on Financial Structure
4. Theories of Productivity
Learning Objectives
What is Productivity?
What is Total Factor Productivity?
Various Authors Work on TFP
5. Relationship between Financial Structure and Productivity
Learning Objectives
6. Quantitative Analysis
Learning Objectives
Reason for Using Cobb-douglas Function
A. Real Variables
B. Financial Variables
C. Treatment of Real and Financial Variables
D. Modelling to Study Impact of Total Factor Productivity on 
 Financial Structure  
Interpretation of Results 
Results of Hypothesis 
7. Inter-firm Comparison of Indian Cement Industry
Learning Objectives
Inter-Firm Comparison on the basis of Total Factor Productivity
8. Sustainable Growth of Indian Cement Industry
Learning Objectives
Environment Analysis of Cement Industry
Energy Efficiency of Cement Industry
Impact of Changing Business Environment on Productivity and Financial
9. Results and Recommendations
Important Findings
Policy Recommendations

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