Issues in India Sri Lanka Economies

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Issues in India Sri Lanka Economies

Summary of the Book

  • This book is about the major issues surrounding the two major South Asian economies of India and Sri Lanka who have many things in common.
  • The issues assume contemporary relevance for India and Sri Lanka.
  • The inference may be relevant for other similarly placed economies.
  • Chapters in the book have been contributed by senior and established scholars in their respective fields in the two countries. 
  • Some new issues have been dealt by the authors.
  • Issues like growth, agriculture, poverty, nutritional security, vulnerability, federal structure, small and medium enterprises, education, tourism, entrepreneurship, etc have been discussed.
  • The book would be helpful for understanding some basic issues in the two economies of the South Asia.

Book Content

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  1. Emergence of the Economies of India and Sri Lanka - Manoj Kumar Agarwal

  2. Domestic Food Production and Nutritional Security in Sri Lanka - S.M.P. Senanayake  and (Rev) Wijitapure Wimalaratana

  3. Globalisation and Fiscal Decentralisation in India - K. Jothi Sivagnanam

  4. Over-education and Unemployment in Sri Lanka - Sunil Chandrasiri

  5. Promotion of Agro Tourism and Rural Development in South Asia: A Coping Strategy to Global Economic Crisis - Rev. Wijitapure Wimalaratana

  6. India as a Source Market for Tourism Industry of Sri Lanka ‘Too Big To Be Ignored’ - Sirimal Abeyratne

  7. Entrepreneurship and Global Business Competitiveness in Sri Lanka and India - S.P. Premaratne, Subarta Dutta and N. Malimage

  8. An Inquiry into the Changing Poverty Landscape in Rural Sri Lanka: Nexus between Public Policy and Social Well-being - Upali Vidanapathirana

  9. An Assessment of Public Service Provision to the Vulnerable Households in the Eastern Province in Sri Lanka - S.M.P. Senanayake, Swarna Sumanasekera and V. Ameer Deen

  10. Lessons from Indian Flagship Programmes: The Disconnect for Evaluation Framework - I.C. Awasthi

  11. Contemporary Domestic Agriculture of Sri Lanka - A.D.V. De S. Indraratna

  12. Plantation Agriculture in Sri Lanka: An Overview - G.M. Henegedara

  13. The Status of Small and Medium Enterprises and Promotions for their Growth in Sri Lanka - Sinnathurai Vijayakumar

  14. Economy in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development - V. Kanagasingam




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