Analytical Studies on Accounting & Finance, Corporate Management and Indian Economy

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Authored By : Ghosh P.K.

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Analytical Studies on Accounting & Finance, Corporate Management and Indian Economy

Summary of the Book

The book includes write-ups on a wide range of issues and concepts bearing on Accounting, Finance, Corporate Management and the Indian Economy. These were published in learned journals and edited volumes over a span of fifty years from the 50’s to the 90’s. Some of the studies had contemporary relevance but some are relevant even today. Analysis of ‘Claims on Accounting Science in India’, ‘Management Aspects of Accounting for Inflation’,  ‘Limits to Corporate Growth’, ‘Scope and Constraints of Joint Sector’, ‘Business Fortunes in a Changing Environment’ and such topics may be of interest not only in the historical perspective but also in the modern context of technological innovations.

Book Content


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Section 1 – Accounting & Finance

  1. Redemption Accounting — A Problem of Interpretation

  2. Claims on Accounting Science in Contemporary India

  3. Cost-Profit Relation in Industry

  4. Controllability of Managed Costs

  5. Operating Cycles, Working Capital Finance and Tandon Formula

  6. Zero Base Budgeting:  Practice, Procedure and Problems

  7. Working Capital Needs and Availability of Bank Credit

  8. Management Discretion and Controllability of Costs


Section 2 – Corporate Management

  1. Cost Consciousness

  2. Worker Directors on Company Boards

  3. Inflation, Business Earnings and Management

  4. Accounting and Financial Control in Electric Supply Undertakings

  5. Limits to Corporate Growth

  6. Behavioural Aspects of MIS: Some Dysfunctional Elements

  7. Joint Decision-Making under Participative Management

  8. Value System and Management Decisions

Section 3 – Indian Economy

  1. Economics of Institutional Control : A Study in Forms and Methods
  2. A Critique on the Reserve Bank’s Role in Banking Development in lndia

  3. Some Aspects of Foreign Trade vis-a-vis Economic Development

  4. Structure of Trade Union Organisation

  5. New Industrial Licensing Policy

  6. Compromise on IRC Functions – Will Basic Purpose be Served ?

  7. The Performance of Foreign Private Investment in India: A Backdrop for Regulation

  8. Licensing Policy and Industrial Regulation: Review and Appraisal

  9. Holding Company for Public Enterprises

  10. Joint Sector: The Scope and Constraints

  11. Role of Multinationals in Less Developed Countries

  12. Unorganised Labour in the Urban System: Some Recent Developments

  13. Business Fortunes in a Changing Environment

  14. Development and Value System

  15. India’s Commercial Policy

  16. Some Aspects of Unemployment in Urban Areas

  17. Implications of Economic Organisation in War


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