Population Health Literacy

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Authored By : Choudhary Shriti

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Population Health Literacy

Summary of the Book


Defines the concept of Population-Health Literacy (PHL), determine its contents and develop a model as to how these contents can be communicated to a specific target group.

Population-Health Literacy is the core content, ABC or basic rudiments of Population Health Education as the three rupees reading, writing and arithmetic is of general education. Certain criteria for selection of themes for PHL has been identified and ten dimensions have been selected for the present study namely: Adverse consequences of population explosion, Timing births, Safe Motherhood, Breast Feeding, Immunisation, Supplementary Food, Child Growth, Hygiene, Diarrhoea and Coughs and Colds. A pre and post test design with control and experimental group has been adopted. Areas of ignorance and misconceptions on the above mentioned dimensions have been identified. A well-planned intervention programme has been designed and conducted. Its effect has been measured.

To provide a broader perspective to the dimensions and themes, the book meticulously described the population scenario of India, population planning and programmes in India, barriers to population planning and paths to population stabilisation.

The book also presents a detail review of existing intervention studies on different health and population issues. Its topics, methodology and results have been critically discussed.

Book Content





List of Tables     

List of Figures   

1.     Introduction    


Population Scenario in India                

History of Population Growth in India           

Magnitude of India’s Population Growth       

Broadening Base of India’s Population 

Demographic Transition in India       

Regional Variations in India’s Demography                  

Correlates of Population-Health Status         

Adverse Consequences of Population Explosion   

Population Planning in India           

barriers to population planning  in India           

paths to population stabilisation   


2.  Concept and Contents      

The Concept  

Population Education  

Overlap of Population with Health

Population-health Education:

   Importance in Human Development                

Population Health Literacy (PHL)          


Criteria for Themes      

Contents of PHL            

3.     Communication                  

Population-Health Education Intervention

(PHEI) Studies: A Review            



Some Illustrations                    

Phei Studies: A Critique      

The Present Study               

Aims and objectives of the present study         

Research Design       

Sample Design       

The Scale   

The Intervention Materials

Data Collection  

Analysis of Data and Main Findings    

Main Findings Related to the Aims of the

   Present Study         






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