Ibn-al-athir – An Arab Historian

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Authored By : Hasan Mahmood ul

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Ibn-al-athir – An Arab Historian

(A Critical Analysis of His Tarikh-al-Kamil and Tarikh-al-Atabeca)

Summary of the Book

The historian Ibn al-Athir lived during the last quarter of the twelfth and the first half of thirteenth century — a turbulent period of Asia. The historian, receiving elementry education first at home and later in the neighbouring schools turned a wondering scholar of the then known disciplines at various centres of learning in Mosul, Baghdad, Damascus, Allepo and Basra.


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Book Content


  1. Arab Historiography in the Middle Ages
  2. The Life and Time of Ibn Al-Athir
  3. The Sources of Ibn Al-Athir's Historical Information
  4. The Periods of Prophet Muhommad, The Four Caliphs and the Umayyads
  5. The Abbasid Period-I
  6. The Abbasid Period-II
  7. Arrangement and Presentation of the Material
  8. Evaluation of Ibn Al-Athir as a Historian


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