Schopenhaur & Indian Philosophy

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Schopenhaur & Indian Philosophy

A Dialogue between India and Germany

Summary of the Book

Schopenhauer has been rightly described as a bridge between Western and Indian Philosophy. He has paid a tribute to the Vedas, Upnisads and Buddhism. Schopenhauer is one of the first western thinkers who brought recognition to Indian Philosophy in the west.

Several international experts on Schopenhauer and the Indian Scholars in large number have contributed to this book.

Book Content


Schopenhauer and Indian Thought
  • Efflorescence of Vedanta and Buddhism in the Works and Thoughts of Arthur Schopenhauer - S.R. Bhatt
  • Schopenhauer's Initial Encounter with Indian Thought - Urs App
  • Schopenhauer in the context of the `Oriental Renaissance' - Stephen Cross
  • Elements of Schopenhauer's Reception by Western Indologists and Comparativists - Stephan Atzert
  • A Question of Influence: Schopenhauer, Early Indian Thought and A Critique of Some Proposed Conditions of Influence - Douglas L. Berger


Schopenhauer and Vedanta
  • Schopenhauer's Metaphysics of Human Existence, Time and the World: Towards a Vedantic Interpretation - R.C. Pradhan
  • Schopenhauer's Concept of Will and the Veil of Maya - Indu Sarin
  • The Problem of Will-intellect Relationship in Schopenhauer's Philosophy: A Solution from Sankara's Advaita Vedanta - Arati Barua
Schopenhauer and Buddhism
  • Esoteric and Exoteric Buddhism in Arthur Schopenhauer's View - Michael Gerhard
  • Schopenhauer, Buddha and Kamadamana: The problem of Suffering and Redemption in Thomas Mann's Novel ``The Transposed Heads'' - Thomas Regehly
  • Suffering and Nirvana in Schopenhauer's Trans-cultural Philosophy - R. Raj Singh
  • Pessimistic Society versus Pessimistic Religion: Schopenhauer and Buddhism - Yasuo Kamata
Schopenhauer and Nyaya-Vaisesika
  • The Inference from Effect to Cause Due to the Nyaya- Vaisesika - Tradition and Schopenhauer's Philosophy - Eberhard Guhe
Schopenhauer and Tagore
  • Schopenhauer and Tagore on Will: A Parallel Study - Sitansu Ray

Some Reflections on Schopenhauer's Philosophy

  • Knowledge, Freedom and Language: Schopenhauer - D.P. Chattopadhyaya
  • Philosophy and Religion in Schopenhauer - Matthias Kossler

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