Indo-Judaic Studies

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Authored By : David Yohanan Ben

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Indo-Judaic Studies

Summary of the Book

Indo-Judaic Studies has been gathering momentum ever since India and Israel established full diplomatic relations some ten years ago. It contains hitherto unpublished material gleaned mainly from public and private archives in India and Israel. The author presents Mahatma Gandhi and C.F. Andrews in a new light. He traces the “lost” periods of the Bene Israel sojourn in India: their early settlement; the medieval and Moghul periods; and their heyday under the Marathas. The section on Art deals with a fabulous collection that contains Indian miniatures and manuscripts taken by Nadir Shah when he took the Koh-i-noor and the Peacock throne. The diary kept by the Zionist emissary to India in 1936, Dr. Olsvanger, is published in full in English translation together with his correspondence with Pandit Nehru. The reader is introduced to the Papers of Hermann Kallenbach, Gandhi’s soul friend, and gets a peep into Indian and Israeli archives with one document going back to 1826.

Book Content


Gandhi and the Zionists
(including C.F. Andrews and the Jews)
  • Gandhi, the Jews and Zionists; using Olsvanger's 1936
  • India Diary as a Case Study
  • Author's Introduction to the Olsvanger 1936 India Diary
  • The Diary at the Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem
  • C.F. Andrews, the Gentile Zionist
The Jews of India
  • The Jews of India with Special Reference to the Bene Israel
  • Was the Rahabi of the Bene Israel tradition the brother of the Rambam (Moses Maimonides)?
  • New Evidence on Samaji Hassaji Divekar
  • Professor David's Collections include Historic Treasures from India
From the Archives
  • A Bahari Wedding
  • Is Ophir in the Indian Ocean?

A Note on Kehimkar's History

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Indo-Judaic Studies