These Days Will Never Come Back

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Authored By : David Yohanan Ben

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These Days Will Never Come Back

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Gandhi saw progress in very much the same way that Rabindranath Tagore explained it to Westerners. The West sees progress mainly in material terms—something visual and concrete: once one travelled in horse drawn carriages, now one can fly in planes. But, as Tagore pointed out, the true Eastern mind doesn’t see the outward signs. A tree which stands in one place for years also progresses—it is constantly revewing itself but the changes are taking place inside it, unseen. So also it is with man: he truly progresses only when he makes the necessary adjustments within himself — the ‘know thyself’ of Socrates.

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  • Oxford
  • Churchill
  • Fleet Street
  • Ben-Gurion
  • Jesus
  • Gandhi
  • Marx
  • What Next?

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