Topics in Mechanics

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Topics in Mechanics

Summary of the Book

  • Simple and easy flow of language nicely elaborated.
  • A book for self-study.
  • Clean diagrams with ordered emphasis on the requirement of the problems and articles.
  • Covers the complete syllabus of final year Mechanics course.
  • Step-by-Step explanation of topics to enable students to solve intricate problems with ease.
  • This is one good book equivalent to many books.
  • The book gives 87 examples, 37 exercises and 160 diagrams.
  • Last five years University papers.
  • Almost all the University questions have appeared as examples at appropriate places with the theory.

Book Content


Preface :
1.   Plane Kinematics                                                                                                            
 Velocity and Acceleration of Particles Moving Along a Plane Curve                   
Tangential and Normal Components of Velocity                                              
Tangential and Normal Components of Acceleration                                      
Radial and Transverse Components of Velocity                                               
Radial and Tangential Components of Acceleration                                        
Angular Velocity                                                                                                       
     Methods of Plane Dynamics                                                                                          
Basic Concepts and Definition                                                                              
Equation of Motion                                                                                                 
2.   Rectilinear Motion                                                                                                          
     Resisted Motion                                                                                                                
Uniformly Accelerated Motion                                                                              
Motion Under an Impulsive Force                                                                        
Simple Harmonic Motion                                                                                       
Elastic Strings and Springs                                                                                      
Motion of a Projectile Under Gravity                                                                   
Miscelleneous Problems on Rectilinear Motion                                                  
      Harmonic Oscillator                                                                                                         
A Free Oscillator Subjected to a Periodic Force k cos ct per Unit Mass         
A Free Oscillator Subjected to a Damping Force                                               
A Free Oscillator Subjected to Periodic Force mk cos ct and a                         
   Damping Force                                                                                                       

3.   Central Motion                                                                                                                
Motion Under a Central Force                                                                                       
Second Order Differential Equation of Central Orbit                                        
First Order Differential Equation of Central Orbit                                              
Central Force Varying as the Direct Distance                                                      
Stability of Circular Orbits                                                                                      
Newton’s Law                                                                                                          
Kepler’s Laws                                                                                                            
Pedal Equation of a Central Orbit                                                                         
Escape Velocity                                                                                                        
Examples Based on Kepler’s Laws                                                                       
     Motion of a Simple Pendulum                                                                                       
     Motion on the Outside and Inside of a Vertical Circle                                              
Outside of a Vertical Circle                                                                                     
Inside of a Vertical Circle                                                                                        
4.   Kinematics in Space                                                                                                       
Velocity and Acceleration                                                                                               
Tangential, Normal and Binormal Components                                                
Polar Cylindrical Co-ordinates                                                                               
Polar Spherical Co-ordinates                                                                                  
Motion of a Rigid Body with the Velocity of Just one Particle Known         
Moments and Products of Inertia                                                                         
Moments of Inertia About the Co-ordinate Axes                                              
Product of Inertia With Respect to Co-ordinate Planes                                    
Momental Ellipsoid at O                                                                                         
Principal Axes of Inertia at O                                                                                         
Existence of Principal Axes of Inertia at any Point                                           
Methods of Geometry                                                                                             
Momental Ellipse                                                                                                      
Principal Axes of Inertia and Principal Moments of Inertia at
   the Mass-centre                                                                                                      
Equimomental Systems                                                                                          
      Kinetic Energy                                                                                                                   
Rigid Body Moving About a Fixed Point                                                             
Rigid Body Moving in a General Manner                                                            
      Angular Momentum                                                                                                        
Rigid Body Moving About a Fixed Point O                                                         
Rigid Body Moving in a General Manner                                                            
     Miscellaneous Examples                                                                                                 
     Methods of Dynamics in Space                                                                                     
Integration of Equations of Motion                                                                      
Principle of Linear Momentum                                                                              
Principle of Angular Momentum (About a Fixed Point)                                   
Principle of Angular Momentum of System of Particles About
   the Mass-centre                                                                                                      
Principle of Energy                                                                                                   
     Motion in Two-dimensions                                                                                             
Motion About Fixed Axis                                                                                        
Motion in a General Manner                                                                                  
Motion of a Compound Pendulum                                                                       
Motion of a Cylinder Down an Inclined Plane                                                   
Delhi University Examination Papers (1997-2007)

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