Public Health and Development in India

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Public Health and Development in India

Summary of the Book

  • Provides an account of the inter-disciplinary nature of public health
  • Explores relationship between health expendit-ures by households and poverty
  • Provides a case study of telemedicine for health services in India
  • Impact of climate change on public health is debated with evidence
  • Water, river water and sanitation issues are dealt prominently for public health in India
  • Describes safe behavior of pools and safe manage-ment of commercial pools
  • Provides analytical insights into the gaps between the private sector and public sector medical facilities 
  • Deals with the organizat-ional and financial issues of the burgeoning health sector in India
  • Helpful for health profess-ionals, researchers, students and policy-makers

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1.Public Health and Development : Contributions of Biotechnology

2.Community Outreach in Madhya Pradesh using Voice based Tele-Health

                 Call Center : AIIMS Bhopal Model

3.Access to Water and Sanitation Facilities: Missing Linkages with the

                Provider and Manifestations on Health

4.Impact of Climate Change on Health

5.An Overview of Progression and Treatment of Amyloid Beta Dependent

                Alzheimer’s Disease

6.Increasing Significance of Amphizoic Amoebae Causing

                 Human Diseases: An Overview

7.Clean Water and Public Health: How Prime Minister Modi’s Promise to

                 Clean up the Ganges River Holds Symbolic Power for Purifying India

8.River Pollution in India and Public Health: Consequences and

                 Remedial Measures

9.Tobacco and Public Health

10.Health Care Costs Leading to Poverty in India? Health Expenditure,

                Health Insurance Coverage and Poor in India

11.Determinants of Child Immunization and Measurement of

                Gender Bias: Evidence from Uttar Pradesh

12.Birth Defects  : An Emerging Public Health Issue in the Field of

                 Child Health in India 

13.Diversity of Organizational Structure, Culture and Their Effects

14.Cost and Quality of Public Versus Private Healthcare 

                 Services in Lucknow Metropolis

15.Epidemiological Overview of HIV/AIDS in India

16.Plastic : A Health Hazard and Its Remedial Measures

17.Infertility in Women’s Lives : Ethnographic Perspectives on Reproductive

                 Labor in India

18.Financing Healthcare Services in India: The Way Forward


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Good A nicely produced authentic collection of papers. Congratulations Dr MK Agarwal

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