Killed with Kindness

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Authored By : Ghose S.C.

Publisher: Northern Book Centre

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Killed with Kindness

Summary of the Book

  • The book is bubbling with a sensational story of love principally between Aruna and Alok. They fell madly in love with each other in the prime of their youth when they were college students.

  • Their relation provoked and fomented by the parents of Aruna, consequently culminated into a marriage, a secret marriage initially, to the shock and trauma of the parents of Alok for the simple reason that they were not prepared for such an eventuality and to accept it.
  • Their idea about their son, they have brought in and brought up, has undergone a shocking transformation. He is no longer the son they have trained up and educated.

  • To begin with, they couldn't accept the phenomenon but they couldn't hold on to their stand either because of their deep love for their son.

  • More shock was in store for them all.

  • Nikhil, once jilted by Aruna, stormed into Aruna-Alok married relation taking advantage of Alok's long absence away to America and that of Aruna's profligacy and the flirting nature.

  • Nikhil retaliated on the dishonour ~ in the form of a refusal to marry him ~ meted out to him by Aruna in their early life before the entry of Alok in her life.

  • Finally, Alok had no other option than to separate him from her because of her betrayal of him and her flirtation with Nikhil.

  • A childhood friend of Alok and also of Aruna, Nikhil too didn't come forward to marry Aruna.

  • Alok got punished for no fault of his. He might have been punished for the simple reason of his reposing a boundless love and trust in her.

Book Content

One         Bedroom

Two         Parents Think of Their Son’s Marriage

Three       Background

Four         Two Mothers at War

Five         Role of Swadhin

Six           Boundless Love

Seven      Her Initial Experience of Calcutta

Eight       A Special Guest

Nine        Arati and Aruna

Ten          Ambitious Alok & Despondent Aruna

Eleven     Not Immune From Political Tentacles

Twelve    Off to America

Thirteen   Aruna and Nikhil

Fourteen  They Got Into a Huddle

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Killed with Kindness