Coalition Government with Special Focus

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Authored By : Akhter Naseema

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Coalition Government with Special Focus

Summary of the Book

Coalitions are becoming increasingly 'stable' and have generated wider acceptability at the union and state levels in India. Previously termed as 'unthinkable' and impractical, this new government structure has become an acknowledged norm backed by the popular will of the people. This formation is not only reflective of popular mandate, but underlines the widening democratic space in the country. The series of coalition governments with the successful completion of NDA-I and UPA-I & II inculcated a belief that the 'idea of coalition' is workable. The grand amalgamation of political voices and forces has also led to new political aspirations and assertions and, hence, radically transforms 'political space' and reshapes the political bargaining. This book substantially discusses the emergence and working of this phenomenon in theoretical and analytical framework.

  Jammu and Kashmir happens to have a unique experience of coalitions. It witnessed the coalition formation through an Accord in mid-1980's wherein two hitherto hostile political parties, the National Conference and Indian National Congress, shared the power. Being a first of its kind, it opened the possibilities of power-sharing among the ideologically distinct parties. It fell sooner with deep political ramifications, and, of course, threw lessons for such arrangements in future. Since the state has seen four coalition Governments until 2014, it is rich in coalition functioning. What keeps this system going? How does it work and survive challenges? What does it achieve amidst challenges? The book offers insights to understand these puzzling questions.

Book Content

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures

1.  Coalition Formation: A Theoretical Framework

2.  End of the Congress-Monopoly and Beginning of the Coalition Government in India

3.  National Democratic Alliance (1998-2004):
Achievements and Failures

4.  The United Progressive Alliance-I (2004-2009):
Achievements and Failures

5.  The United Progressive Alliance-II (2009-2014):
Achievements and Failures

6.  Coalition Experiences in the Indian States

7.  Coalition Formation in J&K

8.  The Coalition Government in J&K (1986-1989)

9.  The PDP-INC Coalition Government
in the J&K (2002-2008)

10.  The NC-INC Coalition Government in the J&K

11.  Conclusion

  • Appendix

    I.  Industrial Policy for J&K State Approved by
Government of India J&K Industrial Policy-2004

   II.  Ex-President Pervez Musharraf’s Four Point Formula
Musharraf Revives Four-point Formula: Ready to
Give-up Claim to Kashmir

   III.  Self Rule Framework Proposals for the Resolution
of J&K Conflicts Proposed by the then Chief Minister Mufti M. Syeed

  •       Jammu & Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party

  •       Bibliography

  •       Name Index

  •       Subject Index

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