English Grammar & Composition

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Authored By : Pal Rajendra, Suri Prem Lata

Publisher: Sultan Chand & Sons

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English Grammar & Composition

Summary of the Book

We are sure you will feel happy to own and use a copy of the old classic — English Grammar and Composition — in its new avatar. It is now bigger in size with larger font and the grammar section in double colour for your greater satisfaction.

English Grammar and Composition first appeared in 1971. Our regular interaction with teachers in workshops and seminars and through emails during the last forty years gave ample testimony that the book had earned their confidence. Students’ feedbacks too corroborated the same fact. It was our readers’ heart-warming response that motivated and spurred us on to produce this latest, thoroughly revised and mostly recast edition of the book. You asked for it, and it gives us great satisfaction that we have fulfilled your demand.

The following points will help you to use the book more beneficially.

  • The section dealing with grammar is in double colour. The red suggests importance, or emphasis. So the points given in red need attention. They will help you to understand quickly, and easily, all that is essential. These points are further highlighted with arrows.
  • Text printed on screen suggests points likely to be misunderstood. Sometimes they explain subtle distinctions between two apparently similar points.
  • Grammar items are discussed very systematically — one at a time. Copious illustrations are followed by carefully designed exercises. You will always find the discussion simple, clear and focussed — no entanglement, no complication, no ambiguity. Presentation is simple, and you will realise that simplicity is a great virtue.
  • The vocabulary section is adequate but not formidable. It has been kept within manageable proportions lest you get discouraged by its enormity. But while it will meet your requirements, it will also inspire you to know more.
  • There is a comprehensive section dealing exclusively with multiple-choice questions covering all areas of grammar as well as vocabulary. It will help you to get familiar with the latest evaluation pattern.
  • The key to all grammar exercises has been given at the end. Most of the vocabulary exercises have also been solved. This will help you in self-correction.
  • The chapter on precis writing contains a large number of solved examples, which fully explain how to analyse a passage, how to prepare a rough draft and then to turn out a good readable and adequate final precis. They are followed by passages provided with aids to vocabulary and detailed outlines. The passages selected for precis writing cover a wide range of interests and have been carefully graded.
  • There is an exhaustive section on letter writing covering personal, semi-official and business correspondence. While it explains the requisites of a good letter —its style, its layout — it also provides a number of model letters for quick guidance.
  • There is a detailed chapter on writing emails. This is an important chapter because ours is now an age of writing emails and not letters.
  • There are about sixty essays on a variety of topics — economic problems, science and technology, education and student life, and topics of general interest. Essays on current issues likely to be set at various university and competitive examinations have also been included. You will feel happy that the book includes such topics as Cyber Crimes, Junk Food, Reality Shows on Television, Global Warming, Disaster Management, Corruption in Public Life, Sexual Harassment at Workplace, FDI in Retail also. These are current topics and you need to know them well.
  • The essays are provided with synopsis and aids to vocabulary.

Book Content

  1. Articles

  2. Verbs: Expressing the Present

  3. Verbs: Expressing the Past

  4. Verbs: Expressing the Future

  5. Verbs: Modals

  6. Verbs: Conditionals

  7. Verbs: Non-finite Forms

  8. Verbs: Active and Passive Voice

  9. Prepositions

  10. Transformation of Sentences

  11. Synthesis

  12. Direct and Indirect Speech

  13. Punctuation and Capital Letters

  14. Common Errors

Common Errors in the Use of:







  Subject-Verb Agreement

    Ambiguities and Indianisms

Aids to Vocabulary

15.Words Often Confused

16.One-Word Substitution



19.Formation of Words

20.Foreign Words and Phrases

21.Words Followed by Appropriate Prepositions

22.Idioms and Phrases


24.Multiple-Choice Questions in Grammar and Vocabulary


26.Precis Writing

27.Letter Writing


29.Paragraph Writing

30.Essay Writing

The Art of Essay Writing

Current Topics :

1. Cyber Crimes

2. Fast Food : a Serious Health Hazard

3. Medical Tourism in India

4. Reality Shows on Indian Television

5.The World in the Shadow of Terrorism: the Menace Continues!

6.Communal Harmony

7.Corruption in Public Life

8.Environment Pollution

9.Water Is Precious, Save Water!

10.Global Warming

11.Disaster Management

12.Violence against Women in India

13.Sexual Harassment at Workplace

14.Generation Gap

General Topics :

15.Dreaming of a New India

16.Progressing or Merely Changing?

17.Essentials for the Success of Democracy

18.The Media, Its Functions and Responsibilities

19.The ‘Idiot Box’ in the House

20.National Integration

21.Dignity of Labour

22.The Place of Women in India

23.Gender Equality: a Myth?

24.The Curse of Dowry System

25.Discipline: Key to Harmony and Success in Life

26.The Development of Tourism in India

27.Life in a Crowded City

28.Humour, the Spice of Life

29.Leisure — Its Uses and Abuses


31.Social Responsibility of Businessmen

32.Jago, Grahak Jago (The Importance of Consumer Movement)



35.My Idea of a Happy World

36.Life Is Action, Not Contemplation

37.What Is This Life if Full of Care, We Have No Time to 

         Stand and Stare!

38.Liberty Is Not a Personal Affair Only But a Social Contract

39.Peace Hath Her Victories No Less Renowned than War

Education and Student Life :

40.Need of Reforms in University Education in India

41.New Trends in Higher Education

42.Educating the Girl Child

43.Examinations Are a Necessary Evil

44.Students and the Social Reconstruction of  India

45.Students and Politics

46.The Value of Games in Education

47.Life in a College Hostel

Science and Technology

48.Genetic Engineering

49.Science and War

50.Science and Religion

51.Man and Machines

Economic Problems :

52.Rising Prices

53.Black Money

54.Population Explosion and Family Planning

55.The Problem of Unemployment

56.Reviving Indian Economy

57.New Economic Boost Mantra: Make in India

58.Multinational Corporations

Key to Exercises in Grammar and Vocabulary

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