Child Safety

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Authored By : Girotra Tanu

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Child Safety

Prevention and Management of Childhood Dangers

Summary of the Book

Child safety is a very sensitive issue and its importance is rising in the recent times with the rising cases of child missing, child injuries, child labour, sexual abuse and so on. A safe environment for children to live and grow can only be realized when all parties, including parents, schools, communities and the authorities work together. It is the duty of parents or care givers to put efforts to save children from any kind of danger.

This book is filled with must-have information, practical advice, realistic insight, easy-to-use tips, and lots of reassurance. It provides comprehen-sive educational tips covering a wide range of topics that concern parents, including sexual abuse, surfing the internet, school safety, safety at home and neighbourhood safety. It also aims at making young children aware of the dangers they might face in their everyday life. Each chapter deals with a situation helping the child to understand the ways of saving themselves from such dangers. 

Keep your child safe, both inside and outside the home with this practical, illustrated book.

Book Content

Foreword (Dr. Promila Gupta)
Foreword (Dr. Anup Mohta)

1.Child Safety
  • Introduction
  • Supervision of Children
  • Safe Space for Children
  • Areas where a Child could Meet with Harm
  • Types of Emergencies
  • People that Might Create Situations that are Unsafe
  • First Aid Training to Prevent more Damage / Harm
  • Conclusion

2.Home Safety

  • Introduction
  • Areas for Home Safety
  • Household Hazards
  • Conclusion

3.School Safety

  • Introduction
  • Issues to Ensure Child Safety at School
  • Conclusion

4.Internet Safety

  • Introduction
  • Dangers of Internet Crimes
  • How to Identify a Troubled Child
  • Internet Safety Risks for School-age Children
  • Guidelines for Parents 
  • Internet Safety Tips for Children
  • Role of Schools to Ensure Internet Safety
  • Conclusion

5.Road Safety

  • Introduction
  • Guidelines for Parents of School Children
  • Road Safety Rules for Children
  • Age Specific Rules and Strategies to Teach Road Safety to Children
  • Conclusion

6.Neighbourhood Safety

  • Introduction
  • Dangers in Neighbourhood
  • Safety Tips for Parents
  • Stranger Danger 
  • Conclusion

7.Pediatric Patient Safety

(Child Safety in a Hospital Set Up)

  • Introduction
  • Guidelines for Parents to keep their Children 
  • Safe in the Hospital
  • Role of Hospital Management
  • Role of Children in Patient Safety
  • Conclusion

8.Sports Safety

  • Introduction
  • Common Sports Injuries
  • Steps to Reduce the Risk and Severity of 
  • Sports and Recreation-related Injuries
  • Playground Safety Rules for Children
  • Guidelines for Coaches
  • Conclusion
9.Vacation Safety

  • Introduction
  • Common Health Problems Among Child Travellers
  • Measures Need to be taken Before, Travelling or During Vacation
  • Conclusion

10.Safety of Children with Special Needs
  • Introduction
  • Types of Disabilities
  • Guidelines for Parents / Caregivers
  •  Challenges of Children with Special Needs
  •  Measures to Ensure Child Safety of Children with Special Needs
  • Prevention from Abuse and Neglect
  • Conclusion

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Child Safety