A Descriptive Catalogue of Central Asian Documents

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Authored By : Subhan Abdus

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Central Asian Documents

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The civilization of the geographical entity known as Central Asia, particularly during the post-Islamic era, has consistently engaged the attention of scholars right upto the present day. Lying outside the pale of Arab domination, this large area of the civilized world, inhabited by Persian or Turkish speaking peoples has been marked by the development of strong cultural traditions which reached full efflorescence during the Middle Ages under the Seljuqs, the Mongols and the Safawids. Persian being the dominant language of the whole area, a vast literature came into being in this language, covering subjects such as poetry, history, philosophy, religion and belles lettres. Persian literary creations, produced in Central Asia, over several centuries, are preserved in manuscript forms in leading archives and collections throughout the world. Indian libraries are particularly noted for having big collections of such Persian hand-written documents. Though almost all the manuscript collections have catalogues of their own, they are not classified in terms of the subject, Central Asia.

The compilation of the present volume originated from the UNESCO-sponsored Central Asian Project which included preparation of descriptive catalogues of such Persian works as can be cited as representative works relating to the history and culture of Central Asia. First of its kind in the field of Central Asian Studies, the Catalogue covers the famed repositories of Persian manuscripts, namely Asiatic Society, Calcutta, the National Library, Calcutta and Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna.

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