An Era of Peace

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Authored By : Sagar K.C.

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An Era of Peace

Cultural Impact of India on Ancient World

Summary of the Book

The author’s first research work ‘Foreign Influence on Ancient India’ was published in 1992 and it covered the thought provoking aspects of our history as to how Indian culture was influenced by the foreigners in various ways for the first 1000 years of the recorded history. This book An Era of Peace (Cultural Impact of India on the Ancient World) presents as to how Indian culture influenced the world cultures during the early period of history can, therefore, be said to be the other side of the coin.

India played a grand role of ‘give and take’ on the world stage which provided the climax in the form of spread of Buddhism to many countries and in return India welcomed the followers of other religions on her soil. Thus India became a land of many religions. If the Achaemeuians Greeks, Sakas, Kushanas or Hunas influenced India in many fields so did India influenced not only the neighbouring countries due to proximity but also the distant lands like Greek, Syria, China and Korea became of universal appeal of Buddhism.

In return India also influenced their administration, philosophy, astrology, language, script, trade and commerce. This is a saga of bravery of those Indians who braved the elements and took the noble ideas to the faraway lands.

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An Era of Peace