Applied Ethics

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Applied Ethics

Summary of the Book

In Western World traditional thinkers generally believed that Ethics is a theoretical science. The study of Ethics may or may not influence our conduct. It does not make us sadhus or saints. But in India, ethics has never emerged as a theoretical science and analytical ethics is still unknown, barring a few exceptions here and there, to Indian mind. For them it is a study, which has practical bearing on human life. It is to be applied to all the aspects of human life. An unethical life is not worth living.

The book asswers:

•  What is its nature and scope?

•  Is Applied ethics something different from traditional and analytical ethics?  

•  Will it change the present order of the society? 

Book Content


Editors Preface
  • Key Note Address - Shri Shivkumar Shrivastava
  • Concept of Corruption Prof. H.N. Misra
  • In Pursuit of Justice: Rethinking Work Ethics - Satya P. Gautam
  • Ethics & Economics: Justice as the Criterion of Human Well-being - Asha Mukherjee
  • Applied Ethics: A Deformation of Practice - Dr. Binod Kumar Agarwal
  • Global Trade & Intellectual Property Rights: Some Ethical Issues - Dr. N. Sreekumar
  • Environmental Ethics: To What Extent Does it go Beyond Human-centred Ethics? -
    Dr. D.C. Shrivastava
  • A Critique of Consumerism - An Indian Perspective - Dr. Nitin J. Vyas
  • Why I Should be Moral in Professional Life? - Prof. R.C. Sinha
  • Ethics in a Consumerist Society - Rakesh Kumar Mishra
  • Abortion: An Indian Point of View - Arun Mishra
  • Globalism and Beyond - Prof. S.P. Dubey
  • Problems of Corruption & Christian Ethics - Dr. Benjamin Khan
  • Ethics of Terrorism - Prof. R.P. Pandey
  • An Enquiry into Teaching Profession's Ethics - Dr. Sanjay Kumar Shukla
  • Ethics of Development: The Politics of Water - M.K. Misra
  • Applied Ethics in Management - Dr. Y.S. Thakur & Prakash Shukla
  • The Concept of Applied Ethics and Law - Dr. S.R. Vyas
  • Euthanasia Debate: Right to Die or Duty to Live - Alok Tandon
  • Ethical Relevance of Gandhian Concept of Non-violence to Modern Society - Dr. A.P. Dubey & Mohd. Aijaz Khan
  • Technological Advancement and Cultivation of Values - Dr. Bhagwant Singh

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Applied Ethics