Become A High Achiever

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Authored By : Prasad L.M.

Publisher: Paragon Books

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Become A High Achiever

A Practical Approach

Summary of the Book

This book is a priceless formula To become an enduring winner and achieve success unlimited.

You will be able to discover how to transform your limiting beliefs and take control of your life with the following powerful feelings:

• Turn your fears and negative feelings into positive tools

• Discover your strengths and skills

• Aspire big and make things happen

• Manage your emotions in right proportion

• Do things innovatively

• Set your vision and goals in a practical way

• Do right things for right reasons

• Cope with stress effectively and manage it properly

Book Content


Chapter 1
      High Achievement and High Achiever (Doing better than others)
Chapter 2
      Develop High Self-esteem (Believing in making things happen)
Chapter 3
      Develop Positive Attitudes (Looking for opportunities not threats)
Chapter 4
      Develop Values (Doing right things for right reasons)
Chapter 5
      Be Creative (Doing things differently)
Chapter 6
      Manage Your Emotions (Keeping emotions in right proportion)
Chapter 7
      Set Your Vision and Goals (Converting dream into reality)
Chapter 8
      Manage Your Stress Level (Doing things with optimum stress)

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