District Planning

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Authored By : Padmanabhan K., Thomas P.A.

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District Planning

Summary of the Book

Several development programmes and massive investments have been made. But majority of the people in India are poor. In this circumstances, certain questions have come up. Why majority of the people are living in object poverty? Does the socio-economic structure promote or hinder development? The study on development perspectives of North Arcot Ambedkar district in Tamil Nadu has been undertaken with a view to find answers to the above questions.
North Arcot Ambedkar district is one of the backward districts in Tamil Nadu. Most of the tannery units are located on the banks of river Palar. Consequently, the southern regions are deprived of the benefit of industrialisation. Wide disparity in development between rural, urban and tribal regions continues to hamper the growth of the district economy.
“Planning at the district level assumed importance in the Indian context because the district is big enough for the implementation of a number of programmes. Therefore, efforts have been made to strengthen the planning mechanism at the district level.
“.... If the size of the district is unwidely, development efforts cannot be effective and benefits of growth may not reach all the sections. In view of the current stress on decentralised planning, this book deserves the attention of planners and policy-makers. I. Satya Sundaram, Southern Economists, Feb. 15, 1994.
“The book is yet another contribution to the continuing debate on what should be the unit of planning in India.
.... Often large size of a district or state has been regarded as the cause of backwardness of regions within them. In 1989 North Arcot was bifurcated into two districts—North Arcot Ambedkar district and Tiruvannamalai Samburvarayar district. An exercise in evaluating comparative development of the two districts would further help the debate on the unit for development  planning.’’
Deepak Grover, Political Economy Journal of India,
 Vol. 2 (1 & 2), Jan-June '93, pp. 67–68.
“Such books are the need of the hour. I recommend this book strongly for study by planners and practical economists at the State and District levels.
.... A small goldmine of information is contained here, which may be of use to future researchers.’’ Shri M. Gopalakrishnan, IAS, Indian Book Chronicle,
Vol. XIX (6), June 94, pp. 25.

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District Planning