GHANA : Political and Constitutional Development

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Authored By : Biswal T.P.

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GHANA : Political and Constitutional Development

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Ghana, the torch bearer of African Independence from the yoke of colonial bondage, has been pushed to the background from its earlier pre-eminent position in international as well as African affairs. Since independence, Ghana has experienced diverse forms of Government and has almost run out of models for governing herself. Instead of providing leadership to the underdeveloped countries of Africa, Ghana is busy in its quest for evolving a stable and workable political system. In its effort to evolve a stable political system and an operational constitution capable of providing steady economic progress and social upliftment. Ghana has experimented west-minister style parliamentary system, a Single Party Republic and many military regimes following coups and counter coups. Like many of the developing states of Africa, Ghana has been plagued with post-independence political instability. Civilians as well as military governments have been installed with initial enthusiasm but so far none has been able to solve the pressing problems. In fact the quest for a permanent solution to what appears a persistent governmental crisis, has invited many coups and counter coups. It addresses and analyses the maladies that has afflicted the Ghanaian body politic.

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