Language & Reality

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Language & Reality

Summary of the Book

Language is always directed to Reality whatever its nature may be. The valuable articles incorporated in this examine the following questions in particular:

  • What is relation between Language and Reality?
  • What are different dimensions of Reality? Can all types of Reality be expressed through language?
  • Can the relation between Language and Reality be explained as internal or extermal?
  • Can meaning of Language be equated with its existence?

All the contributors of this Volume have discussed at length the relation between Language and Reality from the Eastern as well as Western perspectives. This volume is the result of intensive and matured thinking of the scholars working in this field for a longer period of time.

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Editorial Note

  1. Language, Thought and Reality - P.R. Bhat
  2. Some Reflections on the Jaina Account of Language, Thought and Reality - Jagat Pal
  3. Jaina's Problem of Limit of Language and Indescribability of Reality - D.N. Tiwari
  4. Language: Solitary and Communal-Some Reflections - Rakesh Chandra
  5. Designatory Function of Words and Jayarasi Bhatta's Scepticism - Dilip Kumar Mohanta
  6. Language and Philosophy After of Derrida - Franson Manjali
  7. On the Notion of Fregean Sense in Belief Reports - Manidipa Sen
  8. Whereof One Cannot Speak - Nirmalya Narayan Chakraborty
  9. Explaining the `Explanatory Gap': Qualia, Thought and Language - Prasenjit Biswas
  10. Novelty in Metaphor and Science - Arundhati Mukherji
  11. Language, Meaning and Existence - Santosh Kumar Pal
  12. On Dummett's Anti-realism - Kausik Bhattacharya
  13. Yena Vagabhuydyate - Raghunath Ghosh
  14. The Ontological Position of Meinong: A Critical Observation - Kanti Lal Das
  15. The Elusive Nature of Reality - Jyotish Ch. Basak
  16. Autonomy of Language - Some Reflections - Chandidas Bhattacharya
  17. Reality, Sensation and Thought in Dharmakti's Theory of Perception - Rajat Bhattacharya
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Language & Reality